Google Terminates Relationship With Conservative E-Zines Due to ‘Hate Speech’

Censorship is always dangerous, regardless of how it is being used. While I detest hate in all its forms, I also happen to despise censorship just as much. So it would be advisable for Google to walk carefully here.

The New Media Journal, formerly The, has been removed from Google News and Google Search for what has been deemed “hate speech.” Many readers here might be familiar with this conservative e-zine, and, as a disclaimer, I have been a contributing writer there since September 2004.

(Update: I was just informed by the proprietor of, another conservative e-zine, that he was terminated by Google about a month ago for the same reason. And, the Jawa Report was so terminated on March 29. In all cases, the offending articles appear to have dealt with radical Islam and terrorism.)

This morning, proprietor Frank Salvato realized that none of today’s content had appeared at Google News or was available through Google Search. As such, he sent an e-mail message to the help desk, and received the following response…. Source: News Busters