Ten New Games From Atari

The Atari 2600 was the gaming standard of my early days. I didn’t have one in my house, but every other kid on my block did. The brand languished for a time as console gaming evolved and names like SEGA, Nintendo, and Sony led the pack, but has come back to be one of the hot names in console and handheld gaming all over again.

Recently on The Chris Pirillo Show, Chris chatted with Paul Steed, Creative Director for Atari, about the companies next ten titles. Paul and Chris reflect on a number of nostalgic moments in the gaming industry and Chris even drops some Atari lore that Paul didn’t know, followed up by Paul offering a tale of his days as part of the Quake team.

The ghosts of gaming past, gaming present and gaming yet to come unite in this aural voyage through the history and future of Atari gaming.

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