Microsoft Officially Gives Its Support To The Blazing FireWire 800 Protocol

Microsoft has made it official. After months and months of work on the Redmond-based software giant, the 1394 Trade Association has secured real support for FireWire 1394b (or FireWire 800) in the forthcoming release of Windows Vista. Microsoft announced at the annual WinHEC Conference in Seattle that it would add the support for the high-definition audio and video transfer protocol, “shortly after the release of the new operating system.”

“This is a major development for 1394b that will propel the FireWire standard into a new set of leading-edge PC applications,” said Jack Bell, Marketing Working Group Chair of the 1394 Trade Association. “With the emergence of high-definition audio/video distribution and storage applications in the home, we have seen dramatic increases in support and enthusiasm this year for 1394b from the leaders in the PC and CE industries. Microsoft’s announced support will encourage significant new levels of design activity for 1394b in the PC and peripherals markets worldwide.”

In attempts to keep up with the multimedia-race started by Apple with its iLife suite, Microsoft is clearly trying to show itself as a company that understands the needs of today’s video and audio recording users who want to take greater control of their content.

“We have the interest of several major PC OEMs; 1394b will be important for high-bandwidth users as an interface for external storage systems and high-definition audio/video applications on the PC,” said Mark Slezak, program manager of Microsoft’s Windows Device Experience Group.

Current supporters of 1394a and 1394b include companies such as Apple, Intel, Seagate, Maxtor, LaCie, and Western Digital Corporation. More information can be found at 1394 Trade Associations Web site.

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