Supernova Galactic Wars 1.1.3 With New Survival Mode Released

Winter Wolves Games Studio has just released version 1.1.3 of its space-strategy game Supernova: Galactic Wars. This new release introduces a new Survival Battle mode, in which you’ll have to survive as long as possible versus a horde of unlimited enemies. Taking control of the chosen faction’s powerful Mothership, you must defeat enemies that will respawn every ten seconds and collect a new repair bonus to restore your lost hit points.

Several other bug fixes include: correct generation of statistics in the result screen, the possibility to quit the game by pressing the “Q” key while paused and the reduced effectiveness of the Phantom Shield that now absorbs only half-damage (to better balance the game).

The free demo comes in 3 formats: Windows PC, Mac OS 10.2+, and Mac Universal Binary 10.3.9+, and it can be downloaded from here. Registration is only US$19.95, and may be handled online from the company’s Web site.

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