A bit of discipline towards web service friendly development

Web service friendly development? Do you have a firm grasp on this? Many devs out there seem to believe so, however I have seen indicators that might indicate otherwise.

What would it be like to design library services with no user interfaces at all, with no direct web presence? To design them in such a way that they could only be consumed by other applications. These application might be prefabricated workflow managers, like course management systems, or the various tools which which we are self-assembling our work and learning environments, such as RSS aggregators, my.yahoo, and so on.
Well thats how to do it in a Web Services world – divorce the designers/developers of the functionality away from the concerns of how that functionality might be used or even look in front of the eventual users eyes. If they want to see the data, give them the XML display capability of IE – that should suffice!

Personal experience has taught me that if you design in this way you will end up a useful web service on top of which you can build your new OPAC, browser plug-in, etc. If you don’t you are very likely to end up with a new OPAC and very little else….. Source: panlibus

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