Territory War

Okay, Commander, your stick-men are in their stick-positions. Now get in there and stick it to our stick-enemies.

The game of the day is Territory War. In this game, savage stick-men have landed and it’s up to you and your gallant stick-lads to defend your territory. This is a turn-based game so you manage the battle by moving and attacking in turns. You move and attack with one of your stick-soldiers, then your adversary responds by moving one of his. This is a potent engagement, a kill or be killed campaign of attrition. Luckily one without any spilled intestines. Stick-men just don’t have space in their wiry torsos for organs. Instead they have life bars which float over their enormous heads and chronicle their stick-condition. Life bars that you need to monitor so you can avoid too many stick-casualties.

Despite the stick-simple graphics, or perhaps thanks to them, Territory War has a look that fits as it delivers a satisfying campaign of stick-conflict.

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