Server supplier Supermicro taps into Dempsey chip

What can I say. When a company’s timing is spot on, wondrous things happen. Such is the case with Supermicro as they slide into history with their servers running Intel’s new Dempsey processor.

Server supplier Supermicro is ready with a plethora of servers based on Intel’s new Dempsey processor, which is expected to be unveiled Tuesday.

Supermicro plans to have 18 different products with the new chip available starting Tuesday, including both motherboards and complete systems, said Ivan Tay, director of product management at the San Jose, Calif., company. All the products are based on Intel’s new Bensley platform, which can accommodate both the dual-core Dempsey processor as of Tuesday and the dual-core Woodcrest processor scheduled to arrive next month.

Dempsey is the last gasp for Intel’s Netburst architecture in the dual-processor server market. Netburst is being retired in favor of the Core architecture used by Woodcrest because of the need to improve performance without increasing the power consumption of Intel’s chips…. Source:

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