Bio-Metric Protected Computer on a USB Stick

Let me get this straight: We now have access to a fully functional distro of Linux, complete with biometrics, runs off of a USB stick and has Gnome as the GUI? Cool!

If the idea of being able to boot to Linux from a fingerprint protected, USB drive doesn’t scream Alias or 24 hacker-esque, I don’t know what does. You may not be a part of CTU or the CIA, but you may have a need for this portable Linux OS on a secure stick (via The Red Ferret Journal). The Linux OS runs the Gnome GUI and has such standard apps like Firefox and OpenOffice pre-installed and ready to go from the moment you boot. You also get Email, Gaim Instant messaging (compatible with MSN, Yahoo, AIM, etc…), VNC for remote connections and more.

Additionally, the kit comes with a mini boot cd for older systems that can’t boot from USB. You also get 512MB of space for storing your secret files and documents, so you don’t have to worry about using the local hard disk. Wanna get hacking? Well, get ready to fork out $199.99 for this gem. Whoever said Biometric protected Linux OSes would be cheap? Source: eHomeUpgrade

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