CA AG candidate launches RSS to IM notification system

RSS to IM. You have to admit that under the right set of circumstances, the logic for using such a thing could prove very useful. But the real question is whether this is something that is flawless enough to attract the less tech savvy amongst us.

California Attorney General candidate Rocky Delgadillo doesn’t just have a long list of endorsements on his side – he’s got new web tools going for him as well. Delgadillo’s campaign just launched a new service offering for supporters wanting to keep up with the campaign – RSS to IM notification from

The letters RSS don’t appear anywhere on the site, in fact there’s not a link to subscribe to news from the campaign in a feed reader – but there is a link that allows you to plug in your IM username and get instant notification of new developments that can be passed on to others. Timely updates have an excitement that may be more likely to spread by word of mouth.

Delgadillo’s “vision” page begins with the sentence: “As I look around our state today, it’s not just crime and violence that threaten our families. It’s also the greed and arrogance of corporate power run amok.” Sounds interesting enough to me. I wonder how extensively the campaign is using RSS to IM internally. Source: TheSocialSoftwareBlog