Cambodia Bans 3G Wireless For A Decade Thanks To Prime Minister’s Wife

Hmm, the word overkill comes to mind when I first read about Cambodia’s 3G ban. I mean seriously, stopping mobile porn starts at home.

Mobile operators have something of a love-hate affair with mobile porn. They want it to drive data revenues, but they’re afraid they’re going to get in trouble for promoting porn. This problem has become worse as content filtering has been shown to be ineffective and actually could open up new liabilities for the operators. However, too many people seem to assume that because of the more powerful networks and phones associated with 3G wireless technologies, they’re going to become huge porn conduits. In fact, the wife of the Cambodian Prime Minister is apparently so concerned about this that she signed a petition that the Prime Minister has agreed to support banning all 3G technology from the country for a decade, since they might be used for porn. Why a decade? “Maybe we can wait for another 10 years or so until we have done enough to strengthen the morality of our society.” Good luck with that. Source: TechDirt

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