Dell To Install Google Software Package On PCs?

Michael Santo of RealTechNews writes:

The deals keep on coming, today. Reuters has reported that two insiders revealed that Dell and Google have reached an agreement for Dell to factory-install a package of Google software on Dell PCs. This would solidify the test that the two companies started in February, when the two companies confirmed such an installation. So, of course, this isn’t a totally new development, due to the testing, but this would formalize the relationship.

The two companies confirmed in February a test to install Google’s software package, which would allow PC customers to search both the public Web and local information stored on their computers.

At the time, Dell and Google were reported to be in talks on installing the software on as many as 100 million new Dell PCs, following a bidding process in which Google edged out Microsoft and after Web search rival Yahoo! withdrew.

The terms and scope of the deal surfacing on Thursday were not immediately clear. Google and Dell officials had no immediate comment. [Source: Reuters]

We Say: There is no confirmation from the companies, but based on the testing which began in February, this makes sense. On the other hand, do you know how much stuff is already pre-installed on Dell systems (and how much I generally rip out to streamline the OS)?

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