Let iStumbler Find Those Free Hotspots for You

In my early days of OS X, I used MacStumbler, a Mac version of netstumbler, to do some wardriving with. Slapping my PowerBook on the front seat and just driving was a blast as MacStumbler would literally announce Wi-Fi networks to me as I traveled down thick business districts. It helped me also secure customer networks and find rogue APs set up by employees.

MacStumbler hasn’t been updated in over two years and it’s doubtful it ever will be again. Fortunately, there’s iStumbler. With version 96 (0.96), you get a more robust sniffer in the common brushed metal look of the latest version of OS X. Also added to the mix is plug-ins that allow you to find Bluetooth, Bonjour, as well as Wi-Fi devices. Heck, there’s even a widget for this thing.

I’ve been playing with iStumbler for a few days and must say I really like it. The information that is displayed is rich in content and a wealth of needed intelligence. It is easy to use and makes hopping onto an unprotected network a piece of cake. Forget paying T-Mobile at Starbucks, just drive a little and you’ll find something for free instead with iStumbler.

The author has posted that he updates iStumbler monthly which is a good thing. The download is free, but if you like this and use it often, I’d suggestion helping these monthly updates continue with pitching in to the authors PayPal account of the suggested $15.