MacBook Pro, MacBook, Mac Pro…Mac 30 Next?

While we’ve already speculated about a 30th anniversary edition Mac before, one has to wonder with all this Mac name branding if TAM Part II (Thirtieth Anniversary Mac) is around the corner. Maybe it won’t be as far out as the original TAM but rather a special edition Mac Pro. You know, quad-core Intel chip with a 30″ LCD, wireless keyboard and wireless Mighty Mouse. Throw in maybe a HD-DVD burner and/or Blu-ray Disc burner and you’ve got something special. Expensive, ya, but still special. And while we’re at the dreaming thing, why not slap in some old Motorola chips along with the IBM PowerPC and allow for some OS9 and OS7 fun. Now that’s a special edition unit! Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask to bring back the Sony floppy drive, though. 🙂

In all seriousness, though, it wouldn’t be surprising to find Steve Jobs reveal to a crowd of excited WWDC attendees the Mac 30 just after pulling off the sheet from the Mac Pro. He’s done the double whammy surprise before so why not again?

So what would be your perfect 30th anniversary Mac?

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