How To: Make your own DVD using Linux

To me, this just goes to prove how easy it really is to create a content DVD within the Linux operating system. Check it out for yourself….

Sure, youíve been able to do this by fiddling around with arcane stuff for ages. But now itís EASY.

Tovid is the tool to use ó download it, and install it. There is a UI, which I havenít played with; the command line options are so straightforward, though, that it is worth getting familiar with them.

1. Prepare the content.
* Gather your clips. Letís assume you have 3 short videos youíre going to put on the dvd, and that you want a menu.
* Convert them to dvd format, if necessary; e.g. tovid -ntsc -dvd -in myclip1.mpg -out myclip1-dvd. (If youíre in Europe, use -pal insteal of -ntsc.) See the wiki for more examples. On my AMD64/3400, conversion takes about 5 minutes for a 4 minute video…. Source: Flavor 8

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