Four Square Blues

What do the blues and quilting have in common? Nothing, really. But today’s featured game reminds us of both.

The game is called Four Square Blues. But this game won’t leave you lamenting what your momma done told you. This game is grease-fired fun for color matching puzzle lovers. You play by selecting groups of similar colored blocks and then flipping them right, left, up, or down to create two-by-two square groups. If you create larger groups, or combos, you’ll receive more points and increase your health. If you fail to create a four square group your health will be decreased. When your health reaches zero, the game is over.

Four Square Blues is an easy game to play and doesn’t take much time to master. It’s the kind of game that will leave your family wondering where you are. Once the addictive gameplay gets its hooks in you, all hope of doing anything else has passed. The graphics look wonderful and are muted enough not to leave you with crossed eyes and a blaring headache.

Our favorite game feature was the blues chords that played when we created a block. We’re amused by simple things.

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