Use The Replace Function To Add Text (Word)

In a previous article, I showed you how to use the Find and Replace option to not only replace specific text but to also delete text. Another function of the Find and Replace option is that it can be used to add text to existing text. For example, you can use Find and Replace to add “Mr.” to each instance of Chris Pirillo.

Using the example above, follow these steps to add the new text to the existing text:

  1. From the Edit menu, click Replace.
  2. In the Find What field, type the existing text. Using our previous example, type Chris.
  3. In the Replace with field, type the text you want to add and include “^&” either before or after the text. To add “Mr.” to each instance of Chris Pirillo, type Mr. ^&.
  4. Click Replace All.
  5. Word will indicate how many changes were made. Click OK.

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