Castle Cat

How about a break from quiet, low-key games? It’s time a heaping scoop of boisterous silliness was blaring from your computer’s speakers. Don’t you think?

Today’s game is Castle Cat, so named because the star of the game is a cat with an actual castle turret on his head. The object of the game is to get the cat and his fortified head up to the top of a tower where he will battle a fire-breathing dragon by beating his head against it. No. We didn’t make that up. The game’s creators did. Throughout this spire scaling adventure our minaret topped pussycat will meet enemies and friends as he hops on kitty supporting clouds. This game plays basically like the majority of scrolling platform games. You jump from platform to platform while avoiding enemies and collecting objects for points.

We really wanted to love this game. We would have loved to love this game. It contained heaps of dandy music and sound effects that struck the chord. And the graphics were delightfully entertaining. From the turreted kitty’s smug smiles to the floating Daffy Duck quotes, we enjoyed it all. But the gameplay missed the mark. It was repetitive and somewhat frustrating. We often found ourselves wishing that the game kept the hero’s fortressed head in the center of the screen so he didn’t have to jump blind into enemies and obstacles. Still, the whacky sounds and images are something you might like to see.

You know, there are more Castle Cat games. Sequels to this one. Maybe we should check those out, too.

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