Nokia’s new chief faces some tough tests

Truly, the answer to this is rather simple – Nokia needs to offer a phone similar to the Moto RAZR, but with better reception.

Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo succeeds Jorma Ollila as chief executive of mobile phone giant Nokia today, at a time when it is struggling to counter Motorola’s best-selling phone, the half-inch thick Razr.

Mr Kallasvuo led Nokia’s Americas unit in 1998, when the world’s largest mobile-phonemaker first beat Motorola on its home turf. Now Nokia is betting he can outwit its US rival again, this time on a global basis.

Nokia’s sales growth has trailed Motorola’s for four consecutive quarters, even after the Espoo, Finland-based company introduced more than 80 new models, including the 6680, 7280, N70 and E61…. Source: Telegraph UK