Microsoft’s Linux overture: More sizzle, less steak

Interoperability. Depending on who you ask, this can be seen as more myth than reality. Regardless of this fact, it appears interoperability is going to finally be a viable reality.

It was like watching Darth Vader call a truce with the Jedi rebels, or Wile E. Coyote finally deciding to leave the Road Runner in peace.

Most business owners and office workers probably didn’t pay any attention when it happened. But for those following the battles between proprietary and open-source software developers, a decision Microsoft made recently sounded like the kind of shift that could end the operating system schism — at least from the user’s perspective.

Even though many companies use a mix of “closed-source” proprietary software packages and open-source code that can be shared and modified by others, both the Microsoft and Linux camps tend to see the choice of operating system platform as an either/or scenario. That’s how they present it to potential clients, and only grudgingly do they join forces in the market’s best interests…. Source: GlobeandMail