Are You Bongo For Vongo?

I have been a fan of movies for as long as I can remember. Yet, finding a way to get your favorite movies onto your computer is still pretty limited.

Well, it looks like Starz Entertainment has what they believe to be the solution to the “movie waiting” problem. Now I should point out that when I first heard of this service, I immediately thought of the countless existing services that allow you to download movies for a per download fee. This new service called Vongo from Starz however, is reportedly different.

Is it worth it?
What I liked about Vongo’s Website is that they are pretty clear regarding the per-download cost for most new releases, unlike the all you can watch availability for older flicks. What I don’t like is that I had to watch a video of some annoying guy to learn this. Website advice folks, try a simple “How does this work” page in place of “catchy videos”. Who knows, I might get a wild hair and opt to try out the this video service myself. At least they offer a trial, this I can deal with.

So where does this leave us? Well until we see “media centers” becoming more popular, I am not convinced that lengthy movies are going to do all that well on the PC by themselves. Having said this, they could do well if they really work at targeting the notebook market. A service like this would be highly valuable when targeting the frequent traveler.

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