YouTube upgrade turns one-hit wonders into stars

Will this new upgrade to YouTube give the video site the edge its needs to stay on top. I believe it will help, but Google video is still one to watch.

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – YouTube unveiled a major upgrade of its Web site on Friday that will transform how millions of YouTube fans find videos by encouraging them to subscribe to channels that focus on the latest work of favorite artists or topical themes.

Almost every night, another star is thrust up on, the Silicon Valley start-up that began as a bare-bones video search site and is now, suddenly, at the forefront of this year’s grassroots Internet video craze.

YouTube fans are meeting new American idols like cult video performers Anthony Padilla, aka “smosh,” now semi-famous online for lip synching the Pokemon Theme Song, and littleloca, who fans recently outed as an out-of-work actress, but who presents herself on YouTube as an 18-year-old Latina living in East Los Angeles.

The changes allow users to create playlists that can be shared with similar-minded fans. Tastes range from high-minded artistry to pop sensibility to dumb and dumber…. Source: Reuters