Can TomTom’s Go 700 GPS Save a Marriage? Part II

No misunderstand me, I want one of these GPS units! Out of all the models that I have explored, this is the one for me! Can it prevent marital issues? That remains to be seen….

Man, it seems like a long time since Part I of this story saw the light of day. It has been over two months. Let me tell you why it has taken so long to bring you Part II. It took me until just the other day to get the TomTom Plus feature working on my Go 700 evaluation unit. TomTom Plus lets you download updated information into your GPS including current traffic data, specialized points of interest, new voices to guide you on your trips and new map colors. But before you can do this you have to pair the GPS with a supported Internet capable wireless phone, set up an account on the TomTom website and register your GPS with the company. To make a long story short, though paring was easy and I was able to set up an account and register, I couldn’t complete any downloads for most of the two months since Part I was published…. Source: Mobility Guru

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