VMware CEO: No Worries About Microsoft, Linux Hypervisors

Well, it appears that VMware has nothing to worry about from Microsoft. This good to hear and frankly, should prove interesting as things change a few years from now.

VMware CEO Diane Greene said Monday that the virtualization software company isnít worried about battling Microsoft and Linux distributors but will fight to ensure that the interfaces between the operating system and hypervisor are open.

At VMware’s Virtual Infrastructure 3 launch in Cambridge, Mass., Greene said VMware won’t fall victim to Microsoft or Linux distributors that incorporate the Xen hypervisor because VMware’s platform is far too mature and advanced for rivals to catch up and because customers value virtualization’s independence from the operating system.

Unlike rivalsí planned offerings, VMware’s Virtual Infrastructure 3 virtualizes an entire infrastructure–not just one server–and offers support for mixed workloads, multiple operating systems and open standards.

Microsoft’s planned hypervisor won’t be available for another two years, but Greene said VMware vows that Microsoft will not be permitted to use its integration strategy with the operating system to lock customers into its proprietary virtualization API or technology…. Source: CRN