Web Copycats Pop Up

The one lesson that I believe that we all need to be taking away from the article below? Simplicity. Cool features are always important, but they end up being largely ignored unless you are willing to make the process simple.

Are the web portals coming off their M&A binge? In the last couple of weeks, AOL and Yahoo both demoed user-generated video hosting sites that closely resemble hot startup YouTube. At the same time, Google altered its own video site to allow users to post videos through the web and make them viewable immediately, eliminating some of the hassle of its uploading client and delayed review process to make it simple like YouTube.

Meanwhile, AOL put out AIM Pages, a social networking look-alike of MySpace (owned by NewsCorp). Google debuted two new products, Co-op and Notebook, that handle the same tasks as social search and bookmarking tools like Wink, del.icio.us (owned by Yahoo), and Kaboodle. It seems that web giants are looking to startups for inspiration but little else. Thatís in contrast to the past yearís rash of M&As, with hot web properties like Writely, Flickr, and Truveo being fought over and folded into Google, Yahoo, and AOL, respectively…. Source: Red Herring