Aquarium Screen Saver

As I pointed out in my personal space the other day, I’ve recently fallen in love (again) with a classic desktop screen saver. Aquazone Seven Seas Deluxe has been updated to include quite a few new options – including 40 different species of photo-realistic fresh and saltwater fish, turtles, sharks, and jellyfish. In this new version, you can also “tap” on the glass and “sprinkle” fish food into the virtual tank – making an already-fantastic desktop aquarium even more fun (and less messy than the real thing). You know I’ve got a widescreen monitor to the right of my primary one – connected to a separate machine, which now runs the this aquarium screen saver in the foreground. It’s such an impressive display that sometimes I find myself getting sucked into it. It’s the desktop aquarium to beat:

  • Virtual schools of one or more species with realistic grouping behavior
  • Beautiful, realistic day and night lighting conditions
  • Fish cam – closely follow your favorite fish friends
  • Soothing sound effects
  • Your choice of over 20 fantastic and photorealistic backgrounds – customize them with your own photos
  • Wireframe, fully rendered, or silhouette mode
  • Pop-up interface – customize your aquarium on the fly

Best part about it is: registration for the software is less than it would cost you to buy a single real fish, a real fish tank, with real fish food, etc.! Kinda puts things in perspective, eh? Plus, I discovered there’s a “$5 off” coupon if you use the code ‘NewYear2006′ in the order form. “Have you always dreamed of owning a aquarium filled with exotic fishes and sealife but the time, cost, and maintenance of a real tank was simply too much? Well, with Aquazone Seven Seas Deluxe, your dream has come true!” Seriously, especially if you have a second screen sitting on your desktop. People will think you’ve gone mad – transforming a perfectly good screen into an aquarium. Yeah, I really believe it looks that realistic (always have, and likely always will). This aquarium screen saver has certainly evolved over time – including a basic edition bundled with the Windows XP Plus Pack. My only wish is that they’d release more fish for it.

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