Qualcomm steps up patents tussle with Nokia

I’ll be honest, I am seriously getting tired of the patent wars. Regardless of my feelings on the matter, it seems that Nokia is still having patent troubles.

SAN DIEGO, United States (AFP) – Wireless technology company Qualcomm Inc. said it had filed a complaint with the US government accusing mobile telephone giant
Nokia of violating its patents.

Qualcomm said it had complained Friday to the US International Trade Commission (ITC) alleging that Nokia had engaged in “unfair trade practices” by selling handsets and components that infringe on up to six of its patents.

The move represents an escalation of a fight between Qualcomm and the world’s largest mobile phone maker, after Qualcomm sued the Finnish giant in federal court in San Diego and also in Britain over the patents dispute.

Qualcomm pioneered the introduction of code division multiple access (
CDMA) technology into wireless phone services, laying the groundwork for the current WCDMA third-generation (3G) mobile technology standard…. Source: AFP