Windows Vista On A Bootable DVD?

I complain too much. Yeah, I have been told this on more than one occasion and to be honest with you, I can live with this kind of label. See, I am very open with my opinions. More often than not, they have been known to get a few people riled up even though it is generally not my intention to do so.

Having said all of this, I am about to begin commenting on why the current Vista public beta release is a mistake and how it will further drive people back to Windows XP.

It’s beta, stupid!

Yes, even though Microsoft has worked to make it insanely clear that the public release of Vista is merely a beta test, people also remember first impressions. Whoops, did MS forget about this? It’s marketing 101, folks.

Even those of us who understand and accept the term beta, we still tend to form long term opinions about the products we try. Think I am wrong? Look at any program that you hate using. Even if they totally revamped everything, your previous opinion remains. And believe me, I see this everyday. That opinion can be reversed, but it takes a lot of extra work.

Why even bother?
Now I will say this. If MS would simply offer a bootable DVD/CD that I can try (effects turned off) as an alternative to having to actually install the OS, I would be a lot more excited. Oh sure, you are still going to have people needing the installation of the real OS. But honestly, it would be cool to have a CD/DVD booting alternative.

Think it can’t be done? I beg to differ. If they want it badly enough, I suspect that it would happen. The only challenge is to turn down the intensity for the visuals of course since this is running off of RAM. Still, just give us some recommended requirements and offer the beta version as a way to check out SOME of the new features.

Besides, you can’t tell me it would not be totally funny to walk into a Linux convention and start dropping bootable Windows DVDs into random PCs! It would in the news for days…

Hey, if MS is going to offer a variety of Vista “flavors” anyway, they might as well offer a tapered down bootable (see how your hardware responds) version, too? Who knows, you may even bring some people back to Windows?

What can I say. The little “Vista Checker” that works with XP is handy, but it really does not allow me to experience anything without a test machine. Think about it.

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