Kitten Falls

Kittens are sooo adorable. Furry pouches of lovable cuteness. Awww! Look at that! They’re even cuter half submerged, struggling against a swift river current carrying them over a waterfall. Listen to it mewling in desperation as it goes over the falls. Oh, my God! A little angel kitten. It even has a little halo. How sweet is that. I think it’s giving me cavities.

Rodents wrapped in bacon couldn’t give any feline the amount of bliss that cat lovers will feel playing Kitten Falls. The object of the game is to help each of the little mousers get across an azure river that flows across their path. As they approach the shore, your job is to inspire the kitties to jump by clicking on them. If you mistime your click, or miss one of the little darlings, the sweet ball of fluff will fall in the water, struggle for a bit, and then tumble over the falls and pass away.

Kitten Falls is easy to play and requires little skill. If you can’t already point and click you wouldn’t have found our Web site. The kittens, however, require plenty of attention. The wickedly cute strays will get imperiled the instant you look away. Saving the kittens is where the fun in this game comes from. Surprisingly, goading the little darlings into the water isn’t as gripping as seeing how many of them you can save. The graphics aren’t notable, but they’re simple and fulfill their role of being eye numbingly bright and happy.

We’re glad we could save the kittens from and uncomfortable demise but we know they’d never do the same for us. They’re cats, after all.

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