Origami UMPCs are a disaster

It’s funny because I have been thinking this since they first came out. Still, it just feels like Microsoft is seriously out of touch in so many areas that it’s almost frightening sometimes.

MICROSOFT’S Origami Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC) is looking like the company’s biggest flop since Windows ME. Fortunately for Microsoft, it’s not paying for this mistake, you are, if you buy one now.

I tried out three of the UMPCs that Taiwan’s manufacturers were showing at Computex in Taipei, and talked to some of the people who worked on them and are now trying to sell them.

My impression of each of these mobile tablet PCs was the same: they’re a bundle of compromises. They try to fill a lot of different roles, but are second best at all of them. The manufacturers have made a valiant first effort, but Microsoft’s UMPC blueprint is not ready to be turned into a viable product…. Source: The Inquirer