Family Summer Vacation

Here it is, the middle of June … and that can mean only one thing … It’s almost time for a fantastic family summer vacation! Around these parts, a family summer vacation always means time spent at the beach, soaking up the rays (and getting soaked for an expensive summer rental). Ah, but we need variety! Time to put out the call, my friends … what’s the best family summer vacation in the gnome-o-sphere?

Each year I scour the web, looking for something new, but we keep coming back to old faithful.

No, not that Old Faithful. I’m talking about the Jersey Shore.

If you watch the Sopranos, you know that folks in Jersey don’t go to the beach for their summer vacations … they go “down the shore.” Please don’t scoff at the much maligned Garden State. While there’s plenty of tackiness to go around (tackiness abounds, even), there are some places that are absolute gems.

So what say you fair Gnomies? Want to share your favorite family summer vacation spots?