Smashing Cannonballs

Europe overflows with old world architecture. Castles, citadels, and chateaus litter the countryside with charm well beyond the charm-tolerating capacity of gamers intent on destruction. Which is why charm intolerant gamers traveling in Europe aren’t allowed cannons in their carry-on luggage.

Today’s game, Smashing Cannonballs, should have been called “Smashing Castles.” That is the object of this game, after all. In this game you’re given a squeaky cannon and a pile of neatly stacked cannonballs which you use to knock down castles and chateaus from around the world. The game is played by using your mouse to set the cannon’s angle, and then holding the left mouse button down to set the power of your shot. Once the power bar reaches the desired energy, release and watch the cannonball fly. Your supply of spherical ammo is limited, so pack your powder and aim your barrel carefully. To move on to the next level you must destroy the entire structure from the ground floor to the top of the gravity resistant towers.

The strongholds in this game are beautifully and accurately rendered. Artwork to admire before the demolition begins. The thrill of playing Smashing Cannonballs is the smashing of the castles. However, the thrill is short lived, and all that’s left once it’s passed is game-play that’s easy enough for a toddler to master.

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