Doomsday for Traditional Phone Lines?

Just so long as cell coverage remains spotting in a variety of different areas, I really don’t see people cutting the cord from landline to mobile exclusively on a massive scale just yet. VoIP on the other hand, that offers some very serious possibilities.

If a study by JupiterResearch is to be believed then VoIP would spell doomsday for traditional phone lines. The study says that the rise in mobile phone service appeals a lot to Europeans and location would not be a decisive factor for making or receiving calls. 27% of the consumers were using their mobile phones instead of their home phones. VoIP would be converting the home phone from analogue to digital and once it becomes digital the home telephone number would become unfixed.

VoIP appeals to the people as it is cheap and flexible. As per the study VoIP is favored by 17% of the consumers in Europe and around 21% were interested in diverting their home telephone to a mobile phone.

I don’t believe that it would be as easy to kill traditional phone as it seems. Although the growth in traditional phone segment seems to have slowed by has not died out. Source:

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