Mobile music to be beat online by 2010

I doubt this so much that it’s not even funny. Yes, the mobile music scene is becoming more popular. But most people don’t want their music on their mobile phones!

Good news for mobile operators’ coffers – analysts are predicting that consumption of music over mobiles is soon to outstrip that of desktop-bound services which dominate today.

According to research from IDC, the US alone will see 50 million users generating more than $1bn by 2010, by which time 60 per cent of all handsets in the country will have music playing functionality.

Interestingly, the analysts predict the main user group won’t be the traditionally tech-hungry youth but rather 25- to 44-year-olds who may be new to digital music.

Currently mobile music users number around half the total of PC music service users but IDC believes the phone-music fans could outnumber their desktop counterparts before the end of the decade…. Source:

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