Implementing Windows Server Update Services (Part IV)

You can obtain updates from the Microsoft Update Web site through synchronization. However, if the WSUS server is behind a proxy server, you must first configure the network connection so it can access the Internet.

Configuring Proxy Settings
By default, WSUS will be configured to obtain updates from Microsoft Update. If the server is behind a proxy server, you will need to use the WSUS console to configure the required proxy settings as outlined below.

  1. Click Start, point to All Programs, Administrative Tools, and click Microsoft Windows Server Update Services.
  2. On the toolbar, click Options.
  3. Click Synchronization Options.
  4. Click the Use a proxy server when synchronizing option and type in the proxy server name and port number.
  5. If credentials are required to connect through the proxy server, click Use user credentials to connect to the proxy server option and specify the username and password the WSUS server will use.
  6. Click the Save Settings option under Tasks.
  7. Click Ok to confirm your actions.

Configure Products and Update to Download
At this point you are ready to identify the products and the types of updates you want the WSUS server to download. For example, the WSUS server can be configured to only download updates in a specific language.

To configure which products and classifications the WSUS server should download during synchronizations:

  1. Within the WSUS administrative console, click Options, and click Synchronization Options.
  2. Click Change from the Products and Classification box.
  3. From Add/Remove Products, click the products that are pertinent to your network.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click Change under Update classifications.
  6. From Add/Remove Classifications, click the classifications for the updates that should be downloaded by the WSUS server.
  7. Click OK.

Perform Synchronization
Once the WSUS server is able to access the Internet, you can obtain updates from the Microsoft Update Web site. As already mentioned, this is done through synchronization. You can initiate synchronization within the WSUS console. On the toolbar, click Options and then Synchronization Options. Under the list of tasks, click Synchronize Now.

During this process, the WSUS server will connect to Microsoft Update to determine if there are any new updates available since the last synchronization took place. However, since the WSUS server is accessing Microsoft Update for the first time, all the updates will be available.

This article has outlined for you the basic options available for configuring your WSUS server. As you will see in the final installment, there are also several advanced configuration changes that can be made.

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