Church Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster

The town I live in has had a 24-Hour Church of Elvis. I thought that was a pretty unique place. That was before I found today’s Warped site. This site puts a whole different meaning on the word “church.”

The site is called The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. What this site is about is the theory of Intelligent Design, and that it be offered in schools alongside the theory of Evolution. It feels that it is important for students to hear multiple viewpoints so they can choose for themselves the theory that makes the most sense to them.

Some of its beliefs are the evidence that a Flying Spaghetti Monster created the universe. It has several lengthy volumes explaining all details of His power. Also, you may be surprised to hear that there are over 10 million believers, and they are growing all the time. They tend to be very secretive, as many people claim their beliefs are not substantiated by observable evidence.

There are facts and figures at the site to substantiate their beliefs, and they make a good case. In the end, you have to decide for yourself. But the Warp-o-Meter gives this site a 10.0 for really capturing the essence of what makes a truly warped site.

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