Is EBay A Haven For Liars And Cheats – Feedback

Boy, looks like I am not the only one with some strong opinions on eBay and the sellers there!

Ashley writes:

A quick follow-up to my (other email):
PayPal have now converted the money I supposedly owe them into USD, however the ‘restore funds’ option does not work. Another example of PayPal trying to con money out of people by charging ‘interest?’ on money owed, but not giving a way to pay the money. Wish I could run my business like that!!
Below is a copy of the e-mail sent to me by PayPal to inform me of the conversion, please let me know if you understand it.

Jeff writes:

Liars and Cheats? Far worse than that. If you actually receive the merchandise, often times it is defective, even though the auction may say “mint in box”. If you try to return it you pay for shipping twice. It just isn’t worth it.
Sellers are also victims. I sold an $8 item and sent in invoice. Then another invoice and 6 emails with no response. I finally opened an eBay Dispute. Only then did buyer respond; that’s 30 days AFTER the auction. Over the next 2 weeks the buyer kept telling me he would pay, citing a wide array of problems. I finally got tired of it and left Feedback calling him a Liar. He responded calling me a Bigot and a Racist. It was only after I requested his contact info did I find out that he is a Turkish Muslim. Why he played the “race card” over an $8 item is beyond me.
I would love to disengage from eBay but as a retiree it is basically my only source of income. So I guess I’m just going to be victimized for the rest of my days. Sorry for the vent.

Mike writes:

You certainly are right about e-bay. There are some crooks out there.
I spend lots of money trying to get a 45 record and got ripped off twice. One guy actually seemed to get a kick out of ripping me off.
Oh, well. Never again.

Randy writes:

I agree with you 100%. Let me say this, the Ebay dispute resolution process works. I had to use it and my money was refunded from Ebay.
I purchased an item and paid through Paypal. After about a week I received no tracking number or anything. I started sending emails to the seller asking of the status of my order and got no replies. I logged back into Ebay and found that the seller was no longer an Ebay member. I then filed a dispute resolution claim and as stated by Ebay I heard back from them in their time frame and was refunded my money because the seller didn’t communicate with Ebay either. Come to find out that I wasn’t the only one that had this problem with the seller.
If the Ebay dispute resolution wouldn’t have worked, I was able to find out the sellers address and phone number. I made the long distance call to get his voice mail and I left a nice message. No reply. I had gotten driving directions to the address I found and was ready to drive the several hundred miles to make a personal visit.