Alpha Journal Pro

Alpha Journal lets anyone keep a private journal, diary, or log for personal or business use, but that’s not all…

  • Entries are stored in an encrypted file with optional password protection and can contain formatted text, pictures, sounds, and even other documents.
  • Entries can be added, deleted, edited, browsed by day, month, year or entry date, searched, printed, imported, exported and merged.
  • Multiple “pages” per day allow you to record unrelated daily information in individual areas.
  • The built-in spell checker and optional thesaurus assures you that your entries are always grammatically correct.
  • Save time – find the information you need quickly and easily. A powerful search system allows you to search any or all entries, for a word, phrase or a user-defined category marker. Use result logging to create a list of all entries containing the search text and easily jump to them. Use the search results alone, or in combination with other selections and/or searches to create complex result lists for searching, printing or exporting entries.
  • Keep up to date – work where and when you want without having to worry. Keep multiple copies of your entries on different computers. Synchronize or combine multiple diaries using the Synchronize tool to keep your desktop entries up to date at all times. A PocketPC (Windows Mobile) companion is also available.
  • For personal use – record your existence – Alpha Journal is an excellent way to keep track of day to day activities, thoughts, goals, feelings, dreams, ideas and important events in your life. Use password protection to keep your entries safe from prying eyes.
  • For business use – keep track of your day and organize it – Alpha Journal makes the ideal journal or log keeper. Easily keep track of daily activities, notes, contacts, to-do items and virtually any other type of free-form information. Keep a separate journal or page for each client and store all notes, records and other documents right inside.

Alpha Journal is a great tool to keep track of virtually any type of information.

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