Webalo Makes Reading Spreadsheets On Your Phone Easier

If you’ve ever tried to read an Excel spreadsheet report on a mobile device – you know what a challenge it can be. While mobile devices such as BlackBerry, Pocket PC, and Treo can display Excel spreadsheet reports – their small screens and limited controls makes viewing the data difficult at best.

The Webalo Mobile Dashboard is solving that problem. With the Webalo Mobile Dashboard, anyone on the go can now EASILY read time-sensitive business intelligence reports – including Excel spreadsheets – on their mobile devices. In fact, the more complex the data, the easier it is to read and navigate using the Webalo Mobile Dashboard.

Using the Webalo Mobile Dashboard is fairly straightforward. Simply upload your Excel spreadsheet to the Webalo Mobile Dashboard, where a wizard helps you to quickly configure your data. Select the groups to which you’d like to send the report, and they’ll instantly receive your report in a format that is easy to read and navigate. Reports are cached on the mobile devices, making them accessible even if the user is out of cell phone coverage (such as in an airplane with your mobile device set to ‘airplane mode’).

Once you’ve formatted a report and selected recipients, you can easily send them updates simply by emailing the report to the Webalo Mobile Dashboard. The report is automatically formatted and sent to your list in real time.

The Webalo Mobile Dashboard currently supports BlackBerry, Treo, Pocket PC, and other smart phones.

For more information about the Mobile Dashboard, or to receive a free trial license, just visit the Webalo site.

[Scott Gordon]

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