AT&T Slammed By Privacy Advocates

Michael Santo of RealTechNews writes:

Hmm… this so much reminds me of all the attention Sony received over its DRM oh-so-long (it seems) ago. A number of privacy advocates, including the American Civil Liberties Union, the Electronic Privacy Information Center, and the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, have voiced opposition to AT&T’s new Privacy Policy.

“My understanding is that they will be monitoring television viewing habits, and that it’s a condition of service that customers can’t opt out of,” said Paul Stephens, policy analyst at Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. “It’s frightening,” he said.

AT&T said it began to review its privacy policy six months ago, and the update was aimed at clarifying its practice and did not change how it treats customer information. But the American Civil Liberties Union said AT&T was trying to give itself license to do what it wants with client data. [Source: Reuters]

We Say: As I said previously, it’s obviously a reaction to the recent events over the wiretapping “cooperation” that AT&T is accused of. Now, eventually Sony admitted its error and backtracked. Will AT&T change its mind on its new policy? Only time will tell.

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