Crash Course Football

Today’s game is one that sports fans and car enthusiasts will both enjoy. A manly head-on collision of automobile soccer that makes us wonder when we can expect the Sportscar Illustrated Convertible Issue to hit newsstands.

The game is Crash Course Football. In this game, you commute across the pitch behind the wheel of a World Rally car, driving a giant soccer ball towards your opponent’s goal. You begin the game by selecting your ride. Each car has different advantages and disadvantages. Some are fast but spin out more easily, others are slow but have more traction. The different cars are also associated with different soccer-loving nations for players who are serious about which country they’ll play automobile soccer for. Once you have selected your vehicle, the game is on. You control your car with the arrow keys. For extra sharp turns, the space bar is your hand brake.

Crash Course Football would have great action if the cars didn’t feel like they were driving in molasses. Child safety seats aren’t required during the glacial advance of these slow roadsters. We recommend you select one of the faster cars for a tolerable tour of the field. The graphics look great and we loved seeing the mud flying as our car slid around the field. We couldn’t help wondering if the great 3D graphics are where the game’s speed issues originate. At the very least, this game is good for a couple of matches. A few more for car and soccer fans.

After the game, you can imagine the German fan cars racing around town denting Italian vehicles before they start flipping humans over and setting them on fire.

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