Web Site Design Made Easier and Faster by RAD Prototyping Software from Brook Group

RAD Prototyping Software. Almost makes a person question what took all this time for us to get it right? Regardless, it appears that Brook Group has a better handle on this sort of thing than most.

Ellicott City, MD (PRWEB) June 27, 2006 — The Web site design process at Brook Group (http://www.brookgroup.com) improved dramatically with the introduction of RAD prototyping last year. In fact, over 85 percent of their current clients use RAD for Web site development projects. (http://www.brookgroup.com/rad)

RAD transforms Brook Group’s Tacklebox® Web content management system (http://www.brookgroup.com/tacklebox) into a fully-interactive tool that allows clients to visualize how their site’s content will be organized. With this easy-to-use application, clients create a navigation structure and enter content to build a working prototype.

RAD provides a site from which content can be directly moved to the final site, whether it is a Tacklebox-driven site or not. Those who have been through the complexity of Web design the old-fashioned way were surprised by the speed and ease of the new process.

“Using Brook Group’s RAD program made designing our new website a breeze! I enjoyed deciding what content to include on the website without the distraction of the design. The RAD program is so clean. We composed pages easily with copy/paste and other formatting functions available in a toolbar instead of learning any coding. And, reorganizing the structure was simple with the site tree tool,” says Heather Gibbons of Brenau University… Source: PR Web