Location Earth Dog Tags

Growing up, my parents purchased my brothers and myself ID bracelets, so if we ever got lost, at least anyone who found us would know who we were. That concept still continues today, and is more important given the times we live in. But have you ever given any thought about what you or your loved ones would do if you were abducted by aliens? I don’t mean foreign nationals, but actual flying saucer, space suit wearing, little green people. If that thought has crossed your mind, then have we got a site for you.

The site is called Location Earth Dog Tags, and is sponsored by Earthbounddog.com. There are wearable dog tags, just like members of our armed forces wear. You wear them on a chain around your neck, and if you are ever lost or abducted, then at least your captors will know where you are from. In case of alien abduction, these dog tags may save your life. The crucial data an alien will need to get you back to Earth is die stamped into these dog tags. The design is based on NASA research for the Pioneer 10 space mission that used a gold plaque attached to the craft to inform any extraterrestrials of its Earthly origin.

The cost is quite reasonable, given the amount of protection they offer. They also come with a 100% money back guarantee. Should you ever be abducted while wearing these tags, and not returned safely to Earth, then you are entitled to a full refund of your purchase price. What have you got to lose? Whether you believe in aliens or not, what could it hurt to cover all of your bases, just in case you have visitors, and wind up taking a long trip, boldly going where no man has gone before?

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