Kickball And Bunting

Every damned gym class circa 6th grade played kickball at some point. And every damned gym class had the kid who refused to give the ball a real kick and instead half stepped up to the ball and bunted.

The bunt was really a tap with the side of the foot and the ball would putter away from home plate by generally less than five feet. Since most kickball games didn’t have catchers, or had inept ones at that, the bunt was a pretty solid strategy for one who wished to get an automatic hit. However, most circles recognize the bunter as an idiot who thinks he’s really fast and doesn’t care about self-denigration in front of future hottie girls by looking like a wimp and refusing to really kick the ball.

The bunter generally becomes a failure in life. The bunter works at Sunoco during high school and afterwards becomes the mini-mart manager and may even work a night shift as a security guard. The bunter has no morals and no ambitions. The bunter is Satan.

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