The Care And Feeding Of Your Gnomedex Fever

Gnomedex 6.0 Fever is here! In preparation for their treatment, here’s how some of its victims are coping.

Brandon LeBlanc:

I’ll be heading over to the Bell Harbor Conference Center tonight where Gnomedex will be held tomorrow and Saturday to help set some things up for attendees. They will have Windows Vista Kiosks there for folks to play around with, check email, browse the web etc. Should be exciting. I’m hoping they have Build 5456 loaded up on the Kiosks but we’ll see. I believe we’ll also have a Windows Media Center and an Xbox 360 setup to for folks wanting to game or check out Media Center.

A “networking mixer” is being held next door at the Odyssey Maritime Discovery Center. I’m hoping to make it to that after we’re done setting up but I’m not sure if I will or not. I’m pretty beat. Its been a busy two days already and the next two days are going to rock.

Greg Hughes:

Time sure flies when you’re having fun (or when you’re working like crazy). I can’t believe it’s already here: Gnomedex starts Thursday evening, and I’ll be heading to Seattle Thursday afternoon to check into the hotel and disconnect from the rest of the world and plug into the ultimate geek fest. It looks to be a very interesting and exciting time. I am sure Chris and Ponzi will once again outdo the past shows.

If you’ll be there, let me know. My mobile number is over on the right side of this blog, as is my email address. Or just comment here.

Josh Bancroft:

I’m checked into my hotel room now (at the Mariott, across the street from Bell Harbor Conference Center), and waiting until it’s time to head over to the opening night reception for Gnomedex. I’ve been looking forward to this for so long (especially because last year’s Gnomedex was the greatest geek experience of my life), it’s like trying to fall asleep on Christmas Eve.

No free Wi-Fi in my hotel (boo!), but I came prepared. I’m hooked up to my Sprint A920 EVDO phone, and online just fine.

Expect a LOT of blog updates in the coming days. Practically everyone liveblogs Gnomedex. Check out the schedule to see who the session leaders are going to be – a very impressive list, for sure. I’ll also be taking lots of pictures with my new camera, so keep an eye on my Flickr photostream, too.

Also, those of you who subscribe to my feed know that I have started using again, and I have Feedburner inserting a post once a day into my feed with the things I’ve bookmarked on I haven’t got that showing up on the site yet, so if you read TinyScreenfuls in a browser, you might consider subscribing to the feed.

Scott Kingery:

Despite having to get up at the ungodly hour of 4 a.m. PDT, I’ve made it to Seattle! Actually I’ve been here long enough to grab a sandwich down in Pike’s Place Market and find out where the conference center is. Also picked up a Seahawks sweatshirt that I’ve been wanting for a long time (it’s hell being a Seahawks fan in a different NFL city).

Anyway, just a quick post to let everyone know I’m alive. I just read on Chris’ blog that reports are coming in saying the airports are borked, so I’m glad to be here. If you’re a Gnomedexer, I hope to see you tonight!

I’m off to go check out the Space Needle unless I accidentally find a pub selling Guinness before I get there.

Yep! Anticipation is strong and a good time is guaranteed! Are you here this year? If not, maybe we’ll see you next time around! Like Christmas, Gnomedex comes but once a year…

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