Speed key part of wireless sales pitch

So by talking quickly, there is a better shot of getting your mobility pitch taken seriously? Nah, rather it’s the speed of the connectivity.

A rev-up of Telecom’s mobile phone network will make it easier to sell business customers on the benefits of wireless broadband, says the company supplying the speed-boosting technology.

Telecom is spending more than $16 million with Lucent Technologies over the next six months on the first stage of an upgrade which will boost data speeds over its mobile network.

Among those charged with spreading the word on the benefits of the upgrade is Welshman Thomas Evans, a Lucent staffer based in Britain whose job title is field marketing manager, network solutions group.

“At the end of the day this puts them [Telecom] in a position where they will have faster download speeds and significantly faster upload speeds,” says Evans, who has been in the country educating Telecom staff about the upgrade…. Source: nzherald