Let's Try Something New

I came up with an idea some time back that I want to share with you. I thought it might be fun to shine the light on you for a change, give you a moment in the limelight if you will. ow about we start a program in which you tell me about a story of a insurmountable task and the steps you chose to overcome that obstacle.

OK, this may sound overly simplistic. Yet, we have to consider how many times we end up fighting through a PC issue only to give up because we can’t get it resolved. I want to make IT Pro a resource for all of you, and I believe that this is a start to that end. It will mean that you need to be actively participating for this to work, but with the success that we used to have with “Just Ask Matt”, I thought this might be worth a try.

How does this work?
I see this working two ways: The first is to offer a solution to a troubling problem that had to flabbergasted for a time. I have been here myself when dealing with Linux and I believe that this sort of idea would work well in the Windows world as well.

The second way to make this work is to simply ask for help regarding a specific issue. Use whatever subject in the email you wish as I use POPFile and will be training it to place these requests into a specific folder automatically.

Are there any limitations?
Not really. It will be no different that any other time that you have corresponded with me in the past. The only difference is that it will be answered here at Lockergnome as a public question.

Let’s get started.
Cool, I know for a fact that many of you miss the old Just Ask Matt format and I am hoping that by bringing your PC problems to the Lockergnome masses that we can work to get some things done for you. Heck, if nothing else it should prove to be an interesting experiment.

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