Superglue – New Method To Protect Corporate Data

Michael Santo of RealTechNews writes:

The trend toward USB flash drives as well as MP3 players that can store data as well as music has led to some drastic steps at some companies. Banning of MP3 players and any portable drives, for one. But some companies have gone still further, and taken the step to superglue their USB ports to prevent usage of any such devices.

Memory sticks can cost less than $100 and are easily concealable, while iPods and most mobile phones can also store data.

“We have heard of at least one case where a company took steps to disable USB ports on their PCs with superglue,” SurfControl Australia’s managing director, Charles Heunemann, said. [Source:]

We Say: I admit this is probably a problem to be concerned about (and also camera phones, as well). I’m also assuming the superglue idea was easier than simply opening up the PC or laptop and disconnecting the ports (which admittedly could be overcome by reconnecting them), which would at least allow you to use them in the future if you really needed to.

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