The Mother Of All Excuses Place

Everyone has a reason for why something did or didn’t happen. It has been around for years, and it is called an excuse. When I was in school, “the dog ate my homework” was a favorite. Nowadays, excuses seem to be more common, or maybe I’m getting older, or a combination of the two. Whatever the reason, today’s Warped site is one that will help to put that special spin the next time you need one.

The site is called The Mother of All Excuses Place, and believe me, it is a mother! For just about any occasion, you can find the proper and appropriate answer to your procrastinations here.

Need an excuse to break a date: “I can’t come out tonight coz I’m trapped in a small dingy off the coast of Paraguay.”

Don’t want to come to work: “I cant come to work today, I coughed three times in succession. Though I have no other symptoms, I ‘d better stay home just in case.”

Stopped for speeding: “So I’m driving to work (I’m late) and the police stop me for speeding. I told them that I fell down the stairs and hurt my ankle and that I was going to the hospital and couldn’t control the pedal. They let me off and told me next time I should call an ambulance.”

Kids won’t go to bed at night: “But all my friends don’t have a bed time!”

There are many more subjects, and many more excuses to be heard. Read ’em and put ’em away – who knows when you’ll need ’em?

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