Backing up is not a hard thing to do; it just takes a lot of time to get done. As people, we do not usually like to plan ahead for disaster until it is too late. Well, I have one freeware program – PolderBackup – that will make your backing up a little quicker.

Its author says:

PolderBackup is an easy to use backup utility with a good array of features that will meet most basic backup needs. You can select directories and files to be backed up and save them as templates, so you can keep multiple backup sets and only start the one you need.

The program supports recursive directories, file filters and moving redundant files to the recycle bin. Your backup process is clearly documented, all steps of the way are logged and accessible from the interface.

If you do not already have a good backup solution, I see no reason why you should not give PolderBackup a shot.

Now the only bad news I have to share with you is that the development and support of PolderBackup has been discontinued. For several reasons, the author of the program decided to pull the plug on PolderBackup. It is still up to use though, and is still a very nice freeware program.

[550K] [Win98/ME/NT/2k/XP] [FREE]