Samsung’s Braille mobile phone

Nice. It’s about time. I find it interesting that it took so long to make sure that those who were visually impaired had a cell phone option, just like the rest of us. Better late than never I suppose.

Samsung have been awarded a prestigious Gold Award by the Industrial Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) for their mobile handset, which features a Braille touch pad.

The mobile phone, known as the Touch Messenger, was developed by Samsung Design in China, a country which has 9 million visually impaired people. I had a look at the Samsung press release page, and they’re clearly very proud to have won 19 such awards in the last 5 years, making them the company with the highest total number of IDEA awards, but let’s have a closer look. The Braille system was developed by Louis Braille in 1821 after Napoleon asked him to further develop an existing system to enable his soldiers to reliably read documents in the dark without opening a light and alerting the enemy to their position…. Source: